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Parental Engagement (F.A.C.E)

 Detail Information on Parent Virtual Academies

Informacion Detallada Sobre las Academias Virtuales Para los Padres







Parental Engagement (F.A.C.E)


Parental Engagement Director

Mrs. Norma McKee



Lydia Lopez

Lilia Canales






Organizational Goals

The Parental Engagement Program will empower parents by providing information and opportunities to become involved in the education of their children. Parent involvement is the key to their child’s success in school.

    “No Child Left Behind”

F.A.C.E Calendar

Upcoming Events

Office Information

Address: 1 S. Fort Ringgold Rio Grande City, TX 78582

Phone: (956) 716-6801

(956) 716-6609

Fax: (956) 716-6949


To develop a family, community, and school partnership program so that parents can become partners in the educational process of their children.  Thus family, school and community will be collaborators working together to impact students achievement and self-esteem.

Parental Responsibility

Learn more about your child’s school plans for reaching its goals.

Review school report cards

Find out more about the school’s reading program and other areas  of focus.

Help to ensure a safe learning environment for your child.

Get and stay involved in your child’s education.