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Migrant Eligibility

 Migrant Eligibility

To be identified as a migrant student, a child or a child’s parent, spouse, or guardian,

•    Must be a migratory agriculture worker, or a migratory fisher; and

•    Must have moved within the preceding 36 months from one school district to another, or, in a state that is comprised of a single school district, must have moved from one school administrative area to another within such  district, in order to obtain, or accompany such parent, spouse, or guardian in order  to obtain temporary or seasonal employment in agriculture or fishing work that serves as a principal means of livelihood for the worker and his or her family.

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Migrant Program Contact Info

    Contact Info

State & Federal Programs Executive Director

Virginia “Gina” Gonzalez

(956) 716-6731


Administrator for Migrant Services

Veronica Garcia

(956) 716-6749


Migrant Counselors

Claudia Benavidez

Olga L. Gonzalez

Erika Pratt

(956) 716-6753



Migrant Strategist

Jose A. Guerrero Jr. 

(956) 716-6754


Migrant Teacher

Sonya L. Salinas

(956) 716-6755

Migrant Secretary

Ariana Salinas

(956) 716-6750



NGS Clerk

Martina Cantu

Laura Ruelas



Migrant Recruiters

Belinda Flores – 956-716-6758

Belia Garcia – 956-716-6759

Cynthia Marroquin – 956-716-6760